Monday, 15 January 2018

Students achievements recognised at KS4 Celebration Evening

Written by Todd - Year 11 student

On Thursday 11th January, we were invited to attend the Whitley Academy Celebration Evening for Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11 this academic year).

It was 6:00pm, and the beautifully decorated green Canteen was packed with students and parents. Outside it turned dark, foggy and cold. However it remained dry.

The evening started with the talk of Miss Rachel Sandby-Thomas, the current Registrar of Warwick University. The audience listened attentively, and a massive applause filled the room at the end of her talk.

The remaining time of the evening went by rapidly, but there was an air of anticipation as Miss Sandby-Thomas prepared to give out the certificates and the awards. Nominated students went up one by one, sometimes twice, if there was more than one award to present.

I was the last on the list of Year 11 students. It was a total delight to realise I had been nominated by the teachers in the Learning Support Department.

Walking up to receive my award, I felt exhilarated, with everyone clapping and congratulating me. It was like winning the best actor or the best film director, and my parents were sitting at the back of the room with the audience. When I reached the front of the hall everyone’s eyes were fixed on me! It was absolutely excellent!

As the event came to a close, the last awards were given out and the staff started clearing things up, my emotion became mixed with happiness and sadness. It’s my last year at Whitley Academy, the school I entered as a child from primary school, and leave as a young adult. I will have lots of sweet memories about my time here!