Thursday, 30 November 2017

Manor Adventure popular with Year 7 pupils

Written by Ava, Omonigho, and Eve - Year 7 student reporters

On the 20th of November, many eager and ecstatic Year 7 pupils set off on a trip to Manor Adventure, located in the south Shropshire countryside. We were all very energetic on our coach journey as we had a two hour journey ahead of us!


It was time to set off from Whitley Academy, and we were ready to experience a wonderful adventure. Anticipating the fabulous activities that we would be taking part in, our hearts started to race.


The arrival at Manor Adventure was quite an experience, we were all in awe and couldn’t wait to get into our rustic rooms. Before we knew it, we were already starting our thrilling activities.

The first thing our groups did was rock climbing. All of us were a bit nervous, but when we went up the enormous climbing wall, the fears soon faded. We had a bit of a scare, specifically Eve who got up halfway and then gave up! However, Eve got a lot of encouragement from her fellow teammates and her instructor (Alex). He pulled her up, and didn’t let her give up until she got to the top. And she did!

Shortly after, we had a delicious dinner, then headed back out to do the dreaded, 'muddy underground maze'.

Omonigho, who had trouble with this maze, ended up soaking in muddy and dirty water. Our guess was that this maze wasn’t made for tall people! Omonigho is the TALLEST girl in our year group. Shorter people, nevertheless, still had difficulties, as both Ava and Eve ended up with a swimming pool inside their wellington boots!

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep (well, not really, as we were in a room with 13 other girls), we woke bright and early at 7:30AM, ready for another day’s fantastic activities.

First of all, we had a delicious breakfast that consisted of some English classics. 

Our first activity of day 2 was the zip line, and we were all quite scared as we had to climb up a rickety rope ladder, and, as you can probably imagine, it wasn't easy going! After, we jumped off and started zooming down! It gave us such a thrill. Then, we had a break so we could discuss our adventure with our noisy roommates.

Now came the archery session. It was in a muddy field, so we saw all of our friends slipping and sliding about. When we actually got to the archery, we were trying our hardest, and some of us managed to hit the bullseye!

Soon after our delightful lunch, we had kayaking and canoeing.

It was an eventful activity as Omonigho ended up in the water, fortunately Eve and Ava stayed dry. Phew! The difference between the two activities was canoeing is with two people in the boat and kayaking was a boat to yourself.

All of us got wet, but nothing compared to Omonigho, who was cold and very wet! We all had a fun time, but I think you can imagine, it was the nicest feeling to be back in the warmth!

Before the disco time for the evening, we needed to tidy our rooms, and fast!

So we danced, laughed and had the time of our lives with our friends, even the teachers joined in! Soon after the disco finished, we all went to bed and slept well this time.

Day 3

Wednesday was our last day, and we made the most of it. We had a lovely final breakfast, and then set off on our first activity of the day, fencing.

It was a unique experience as it was our only indoor activity. We got kitted up and had to wear a lot of protection. We arrived in the main hall and got to grips with the basics of fencing then moved onto bigger things like battling against our friends. We listened to the coach attentively, as there were many techniques and footwork skills to practice.

Shortly after, we got onto our final activity and that was abseiling (it means to rope down a cliff or a slope). We had been anticipating this all week and now we all had butterflies in our stomachs.

The abseiling took place in the woods not far from where we spent the nights. Once we had the courage to go up, we had to put our heels on the edge and we could feel our legs trembling at the thought of falling off, of course we were safely clipped into our harnesses.

Once we were ready to start, we had to pluck up the courage to lean back and go over the edge. It was a hard thing to do, but once that part was over, it was amazing to hear all your friends cheering you on. 

The wall was very slippery and it was difficult to stay in control. However, once we picked up our confidence, we felt like we were floating on clouds. It was such a thrill, and we were all so glad we conquered our fears.

We had a lovely lunch afterwards with a chocolate cookie that was the size of our faces, truly our highlight of the meal. 

Before we knew it, Manor Adventure was over. We were all so upset to go but we knew we belonged back in Coventry with our family and friends.

Our MASSIVE thanks to our teachers who worked so hard to organise such an amazing trip for us all.