Monday, 2 October 2017

KS3 pupils commended at Celebration Evening

Written by Ellis, Year 8 student reporter

On Thursday the 28th of September, Whitley Academy hosted a Celebration Evening for Key Stage 3 pupils (new Year 8 and 9 this academic year).

6:00PM - The event started.

The Auditorium was packed with supporting parents, children and students. As the celebration started Mr Rex (our Principal) introduced the agenda of the evening.

The evening started with a great speech from Miss Rachel Sandby-Thomas, the current Registrar of Warwick University. She told the audience about her academic journey, including university days at St. Catharine’s College in Cambridge. 

Her background was in law. The audience was amazed to learn that Rachel used to work as an advisory lawyer for HM Revenue and Customs and other big government organisations. Wow! She also shared with us her passion in working with young people aiming to make a difference in their lives.

It’s now time for the rewards!

Mr Skelton read them out one by one, subject by subject. The room was filled with quietness as the first names were read out, then it was led by a massive round of applause to congratulate the winners. 

After the Year 8 rewards came the spectacular dance performed by Molly, Year 11 student. Molly used her whole body to depict the story line of the chosen music so well that she received massive applause from the audience.

Now it’s time for the second part of the evening.

The crowd re-gained the excitement and carried on clapping until the last name was read out. For Year 9 there was more subjects; hence the list of student nominees was longer. Every student got rewarded a £10 voucher and a stunningly designed certificate.

At the end of the very nice evening, it was time for refreshments! 

In the Canteen next door, the beautifully designed biscuits, frosted cakes, and fruit were on display for human consumption. It was much more than mouth-watering!

The refreshments were definitely the best because of the scrumptious chocolate cake and super relaxing oranges.

My excitement was out of this world but my Mum’s was even bigger as she kept smiling and cheering me throughout the evening.

Attending the Celebration Evening has made me realised even more what the school motto means to us all: ‘Be the best you can be’.