Tuesday, 26 September 2017

A morning of sport for Year 11

Written by Melissa, Year 9 student reporter

On Friday 22nd September 2017, AP Racing (a local engineering company) along with Wasps Community and Vibe, visited Whitley Academy to run engineering based activities through sports for our Year 11 pupils.

It was a rather chilly morning, as our breath was visible whist we spoke. It was a day of autumnal equinox in Coventry after all.

The Year 11 boys were outside on our rugby pitch learning some rugby skills and trying some strength building activities. The girls were in the gym doing some Zumba. For your information, Zumba is an aerobic fitness programme featuring body movements usually accompanied by backing music. When the music was on, everyone followed the instructor's words and started moving.

Back to the boys, who were working with the Wasps Community team and Paul Sackey (ex England and Harlequins professional).

All students looked very smart in their PE kits and football boots. Everyone showed their eagerness, listening to the professionals for the best tactics in playing rugby. It was fascinating to see how competitive each Year 11 boy was when it was time for the ‘test of strength’. 

Laughter was everywhere, and more amazingly, above the sky the sun was shining beautifully. 

Slowly I realised that the aim of the morning was to show Year 11 pupils how a simple activity could reduce their stress, especially with mock exams creeping around the corner, and after that their GCSE exams.

After break time, the next group of Year 11s were to have their session.

One instructor told me;

“I really enjoy helping the Year 11 students, especially overcoming the stress of exams. Zumba helps to release that negative energy.”

The rugby session had exactly the same purpose, making sure students enjoyed something physically competitive, focusing on team work. The coaches were very tough, shouting as if the students were taking part in a real rugby match. 

Overall, I felt the students:

  • Enjoyed physical activities to help de-stress.
  • Enjoyed taking time away from normal lessons amidst the stress of exams.
  • Improve their mental health and strength without them realising.

Mrs Morgan, our Vice Principal, shared her thoughts: 

“I think it’s great for smaller local businesses to engage with us as a school and ensure students are exposed to different career opportunities. It’s also great to encourage older students to continue to participate in sports.”

Thank you to AP Racing, VIBE fitness and Wasps Community rugby team for the amazing morning!