Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Making rockets at the BASE summer event

Written by Melissa O'Brien, Year 9 Student Reporter

On Thursday 13th of July, pupils and parents were invited to an after school event hosted by staff members of the BASE, with the support of teachers from the Science and PE departments. There were some fun activities such as rocket making (and launching), popping canisters, and static electricity. The evening was also a taster for some of our new Year 7 pupils, who will start our school in September 2017. 

Mrs Stanbrook, Mr Billyeald (Head of P.E), and Miss Roberts oversaw the barbeque burgers and hot dogs. The weather was very summery with light winds that made the smell of the barbequed food spread all over the school. From the distance towards our school lake you could see small troops of Canadian geese standing on the grassy ground, staring their black dotted eyes towards the crowd of ‘human beings’ who were consuming such mouth watering food!

The crowd got bigger and bigger with parents, pupils and their siblings. The teachers did such an amazing job that they even ran out of food!

In the Dining Hall, there were arts and crafts for visitors to get involved in. This was where the rocket making took place. There was yellow cardboard with clear instructions stuck onto the table for everyone to have a try at making a paper rocket. As soon as you finished making the rocket, you could take it to the canteen door where you would get help from Miss Williams (who teaches Science) and your rocket could be launched. 

Not far from the rocket making table was another Science stall, where the static electricity demonstration took place. Mr Shah and Mr Eborall demonstrated with this curious set-up. On the tables you could see some equipment to generate static electricity including the Van der Graaf electrostatic generator. 

In simple terms, you put your hands on a silver ball which generates static electricity. You get a funny feeling inside. Then if you tap someone you will give them an electric shock.

Standing in the sun enjoying his barbecued hamburger, Tyler of 7ESM said, “It’s great as it gets kids off their electronics and spending quality time with their families.” 

I agreed whole-heartedly. Tablets and phones take up time, leaving no social connections. In the end spending time with your family is one of the most important things we all should do. 

The Base and Science departments as well as all the other teachers put in the extra time to provide this fun free event. They stayed for nearly 4 hours longer than a regular school day.

Overall the event was great, and everyone (with their families) had an amazing evening. 

Thank you to all the teachers and students who stayed behind and helped.