Friday, 3 March 2017

Pupils meet famous authors and illustrators on World Book Day

Written by Holly and Destiny, Year 7 student reporters

On Tuesday February 28th, fourteen book loving Year 7 students gathered in the Learning Resource Centre, ready for a trip to the biggest book show on earth! Everybody was extremely excited to be going to the Warwick Arts Centre for World Book Day’s 20th anniversary.

We all knew we were about to observe a handful of authors and illustrators, their magic tricks, how they wrote their books, and how they had begun their journey of writing.

The presenters, authors and illustrators for the day were Steven Butler; Alex T. Smith; Holly Smale; Nick Mohammed; Julian Clary and David Roberts; Sam and Mark; and Jessica Ennis-Hill.

10:05 AM

After a short trip in the school’s minibus, the group arrived and took their comfortable seats in Butterworth Hall, Warwick University, in amazement. The room was just so BIG.

Curiosity enveloped every one of us, and in a rush of excitement, we were soon exploring the Warwick Arts Centre. After a few quick flashes of the camera, we returned to the Hall to watch the performances.

The first to perform were a group delivering a short section from one of Enid Blyton’s classic series of novels, ‘the Famous Five’. Even though the reading and acting was simply outstanding, most were absorbed in watching the cute, fluffy dog that sat with the group.

Second up, presenter of the show and author of ‘the Diary of Dennis the Menace’ was Steven Butler, to introduce Alex T. Smith.

Alex was very funny and shared with us very interesting stories. He was born and brought up in Coventry, and went to Coventry University to study for a degree in Illustration. Alex then talked about drawing a dinosaur, which turned out to be a turtle. He was witty and brilliant! Alex then shared with us some childhood memories of his grandad who inspired him to become an illustrator. 

Next, it was Holly Smale – the author of the ‘Geek Girl’ series!

Holly shared with us her school experiences of being bullied and singled out by her friends. We all went silent to hear her story. She also told us of how she became a professional model at the age of 15. She did not like it and left modelling after two years.

Holly then talked about how she started with her first book. It was the life of Harriet Manners, a nerdy 15-year-old girl who tried out modelling to reinvent herself. Harriet was a geek and always will be. Just like Holly’s life!

On next were Sam and Mark (the CBBC television presenters) who told us about their background since meeting and went on to read an extract from their first book. How cool!

After that, Nick Mohammed performed some magic with the help of two lucky members of the audience and introduced the four main characters from his first book.

Up on the stage next were Julian Clary and David Robert who got the audience to help create a new character out of three different animals that ended up making most people laugh.

Finally, Jessica Enis-Hill, who you may also know as an athlete, told us how she had to sit under the table with her publishers due to her son having a tantrum. She spoke a bit about her first book, and soon after, all of the authors and writers came back to the stage to sign autographs and to say goodbye.

After the show, we all raced to the University bookshop to ensure we got the books we wanted, and then went to get our copies signed by the authors.

It was an extremely inspirational and fun-filled day for all of the team.